A provider of "high-end casting materials" integrating with R&D, Production, Marketing capacities

Satisfy all your expectations on foundry sand

Company advantages

Each business division research and development and production of natural silica sand, molten ceramic sand, coated sand, regenerated sand and other kinds of casting sand.

Survive by quality, develop by reputation, create benefit by service, win the future by innovation

About us

Science and technology first, talent first

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Shenyang Free Trade Zone, Lianxin Casting Sand Group is a provider of "high-end casting materials" integrating r&d, production and sales. To "devote to become a foundry sand expert" for the corporate vision. It has won many honorary titles such as "Advanced Industrial Enterprise", "Liaoning Province High-tech Enterprise", "Liaoning Province Excellent Innovation Team" and so on.

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Honorary certificate

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Staff presence

At present, the company has more than 400 employees, among whom one third are managerial talents and technical backhands.

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    No.1, houbeiyingzi village, Fengjia Town, Zhangwu County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province

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