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Lianxin Foundry Sand Group was established in 2006. The headquarter is located in Shenyang Free Trade Zone. we are a "high-end casting material" provider integrating R&D, production and marketing.

Relying on the corporate vision of "committed to becoming an expert on foundry sand". we wonhonorary titles as the "Advanced Industrial Enterprise", the "Liaoning Province High-tech Enterprise",the "Liaoning Province Excellent Innovation Team".

Ever Since its establishment, Lianxin has always been adhering to the strategy of “technology first, talents first” and insisting on driving the development of the enterprise with cultivated talents and technological innovation

In 2012, the R&D center was established, with a cumulative investment of more than 10 million RMB, and has successively obtained five invention patents, more than ten technological achievements, and more than twenty technological innovations.

Our group attracts outstanding talents in the industry to form a research and development team and at the same time built three laboratories, one pilot workshop owns two pilot production lines.

The laboratory is equipped with more than 50 sets of advanced test equipment, which can meet the development and research of foundry sand, regeneration, artificial ceramic sand and other relevantprojects.

Meanwhile, Lianxin has successively cooperated with domestic universities as Wuhan University of Technology, Northeastern University, Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology and foreign technical teams for various forms of cooperation.

Lianxin foundry sand group develop and produce various types of foundry sand with an annual output of more than 800,000 tons.

Following the development philosophy of "Integrity creates quality, and innovation leads the future", relying on strict quality control and inspection procedures and ISO9001, ISO14000 , OHSAS18001 system certifications, lianxin has made great efforts to promote research and development, ensures the smooth implementation of scientific research projects, and accelerates the establishment of technology innovation mechanism integrating R&D, production and marketing.

While developing new products, Lianxin reserves new technologies. After continuous efforts, the R&D center has been equipped with the level of advanced scientific research project experiments, and provides product testing services to the entire industry, promotes the development of the foundry sand industry, laid a solid technical foundation for the company's vision of "committed to becoming an expert on foundry sand"

By years of development, established cooperative relations with hundreds well-known foundry companies, such as Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Wuhu Chery Automobile, Hüttenes-Albertus (China), BMW(Shenyang), Winhere auto-part, Shandong Haoxin group, Shandong Conmet-xin, Dalian Deyuan industry, Dalian Maruyuu Metal, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, etc. with annual sales of about 300 million RMB.

In the future, Lianxin will continually adhere to "science and technology first, talents first", carry out scientific research and innovation, explore the field of casting materials, integrate resources and technology, maximize the reasonable and efficient development and utilization of resources, upgrade technology and products to become a model for foundry sand enterprises, expand the reputation and influence of Lianxin foundry sand, drive the development of the foundry and equipment manufacturing industries, build a demonstration base of foundry sand industry, and help China's foundry sand industry to make continuous progress .

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