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2020 is so difficult, why does Lianxin foundry sand grow by 20% against the trend?

A year ago, when Lianxin foundry sand group, as a representative of China's excellent foundry sand enterprises, appeared in Osaka, Japan together with the export commodities exhibition of Liaoning Province, it was hard for Japanese foundry enterprises, as a powerful foundry country, to think that one day Chinese foundry sand enterprises could also bring Chinese man-made sand products to the exhibition in Japan and sell Chinese sand products to Japanese enterprises. In fact, before that, Lianxin foundry sand group had been supplying artificial sand products to Japanese Yamagawa enterprises for one year.

A year later, when part of China's entity enterprises were affected by the global COVID-19, the joint venture sand group realized an increase of 20% in the counter trend and a 3 hundred million breakthrough in sales.

High quality, let China foundry sand products go abroad.

14 years ago, Lianxin foundry sand group was founded. At that time, it didn't want to go abroad. It just wanted to make products steadfastly and truly solve problems for foundry enterprises. At that time, what Lianxin people wanted was not to fall behind. Just like Huawei 20 years ago, they believed that only by studying, striving and being determined to make high-quality products that can truly serve users.

2020 is so difficult, why does Lianxin foundry sand grow by 20% against the trend?(图1)

For investment in product R & D, Lianxin has never been just a slogan. Up to now, Lianxin foundry sand group has invested more than 10 million yuan in product research and development. This figure may not be much for high-tech enterprises, but it is extremely difficult to bear and valuable for the foundry entity enterprises such as Lianxin foundry sand.

Lianxin foundry's pragmatism and research are obvious to all in the industry. At the 4th China (Zhangwu) foundry silica sand industry development forum and the 2nd China Foundry Association pipe fittings and valve castings branch annual meeting sponsored by China Foundry Association and Fuxin Municipal Government in 2020, the popularity of Lianxin foundry sand's speech "Application Analysis of pipe fittings easy to empty coated sand and cast steel valve high silica sand" on the spot shows the importance of Lianxin foundry sand in R & D products Pragmatic and research.

Looking at domestic enterprises, whether it is Huawei or Dajiang UAV, they can break through the siege because they attach importance to product development and innovation. And these are just the essential standard configuration to reverse the trend!

Epidemic situation, enterprise's "sorrow" or enterprise's "happiness"?

The epidemic situation has put enterprises in a dilemma. Whether it's a person or an enterprise, when it's time to make a choice, it's the best time to see its "true face". In early 2020, affected by the epidemic, Lianxin enterprises also actively responded to the call of the government and stopped production for a period of time. No production means that the enterprise has no income; employees do not work means that there is no salary.

It's a test

Lianxin foundry sand group, in the first time, made a decision: tell employees, follow the government's arrangements, cooperate with the needs of epidemic prevention and control, rest at home. Don't worry about no job, no income. As long as they are employees of Lianxin, the company is still willing to pay a certain salary for each employee to ensure the normal life of employees even if they have not done a day's work during the epidemic period.

For a private entity, this is not an easy decision to make. However, for Lianxin foundry sand, this is a decision that does not need to be considered again and again. In the corporate culture of Lianxin, we always think that people are the most important, and every Lianxin person is the most important. As long as he chooses Lianxin, Lianxin will be responsible for them. This is just like Lianxin treating every customer. As long as Lianxin is chosen, Lianxin will perform "honest and trustworthy cooperation"! This is true of customers and employees.

Epidemic situation, like a big mirror, can reflect the gorgeous coat of corporate culture and show the core of corporate culture naked. Beauty is beauty, ugliness is ugliness!

2020 is so difficult, why does Lianxin foundry sand grow by 20% against the trend?(图2)

With the advent of the spring of 2020, Lianxin foundry sand also ushered in the spring of sales. Those employees who rest at home during the epidemic period are very proud to tell their neighbors, relatives and friends that "we don't go to work during the epidemic period of Lianxin foundry sand enterprise, we also pay wages"! It is precisely because of the confidence of Lianxin people and the recognition of Lianxin enterprises that in the production of 2020, no matter how busy or hard the orders of all customers are, no employee has any complaints. The enthusiasm of employees in their work is the guarantee for Lianxin foundry sand to grow against the trend in 2020.

Let the other party benefit is the unchanging purpose of Lianxin!

Some foundry enterprises and foundry people who came into Lianxin foundry felt that Lianxin was too low-key. Of course, this is a kind of affirmation and praise. Therefore, the more so, the more convinced the Lianxin people are that it is more important to do a good job than to say a good thing. At the same time, in their heart, Lianxin people often unconsciously say to themselves, "understand it"!

Lianxin people's self-confidence comes from their consistent cooperative purpose of benefiting each other. If you can't benefit the other party in one cooperation, you can only benefit Lianxin. Such cooperation will not produce a second one in Lianxin.

In the process of cooperation, we can often see the strict requirements of Lianxin people on themselves. What is often visible is a parameter index. The customer's standard has been met, but the index of Lianxin has not been met. What should we do? We must find out the reason and find a way to solve it. In order to solve this problem, Lianxin can set up a project team to review and find out the problem!

In a word, Lianxin people have been cruel to themselves. The biggest advantage of doing so is to maximize the interests of partners.

2020 is so difficult, why does Lianxin foundry sand grow by 20% against the trend?(图3)

In 2020, Shandong Shengquan group and Lianxin foundry sand group will reach technical strategic cooperation. It is in this mutual benefit that the two sides cooperate. At the same time, the two sides firmly continue this mutual benefit and win-win purpose to serve the whole foundry industry.

Many people attribute the success of an enterprise to "trend, skill and mode". Lianxin people are more willing to believe that to really do a good job in an enterprise is the same as to do a good job in a person, which requires efforts and research; kindness and courage to take responsibility; integrity and win-win.

Beyond 2020 and into 2021, the epidemic situation, economic situation and trade exchanges are still in turmoil, and uncertain factors exist all the time. However, what remains unchanged is the original intention of Lianxin Foundry Group to be honest, trustworthy and serve customers wholeheartedly

Lianxin foundry sand group, founded in 2006, is a "high-end foundry material supplier" specializing in research and development, production and sales of foundry sand. At present, the group has production lines in Zhangwu, Liaoning, Weifang, Shandong and Quanzhou, Fujian. The products are sold well all over the country and have developed overseas markets such as Japan and Europe.

2020 is so difficult, why does Lianxin foundry sand grow by 20% against the trend?(图4)

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