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Customized sand for 3D printing

The new developed customized sand features of :

   Ø The price is lower than the currently used sand for 3D printing in the market (especially the Germany quartz sand).

   Ø Low acidic loss of binder : Solve the problem of slow curing speed of sand core caused by the reaction of sand and curing agent. (Especially in hot and humid environments)

   Ø Under the same conditions, the printed sand core has higher strength/lower gassing properties than that made of domestic/ Germany quartz sand.

   Ø Suitable SiO2 content minimizes the defects on casting resulted from linear thermal expansion of the refractory

Customized sand for 3D printing(图1)

产品特性technical data

   Ø Sand models 

Customized sand for 3D printing(图2)

   Ø Compositions 

Customized sand for 3D printing(图3)

   Ø Physical features

Customized sand for 3D printing(图4)

   Ø Mold printing tests comparison

              1. Comparison with domestic quartz sand

              •  Printer: produced by Wuhan huateng

              •  Printing process:  binder jetting process, printing right as sand mixed as “wet”

         Test results as shown in the table

 Customized sand for 3D printing(图5)

              2. Comparison with Germany quartz sand (longer resetting time)

              • Printer: VX 2000 by voxeljet ( in Shenyang foundry research institute)

              •  Printing :  binder jetting  process, the mixed sand resting for 7days

                     ( to research long time stocking of mixed sand)

         Test results as shown in the table

Customized sand for 3D printing(图6)

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